An important part of a successful integration is not only the primary individual relocating
but that person’s family, as well. When a relocation fails, it is often because the family
has not been welcomed and assisted in settling in the new environment.

While the expatriate has a new task, new colleagues, and therefore a new social network, the spouse is often left at home feeling isolated in a foreign country. Family members may miss friends, their old neighbourhood, the familiar school and, most of all, their native language.

We approach working with families with great empathy and care, working to make the new environment as comforting as possible.

Our Service includes:

  • Family needs assessment
  • Information and pre-selection of suitable schools and kindergardens followed by visits and registration
  • Arrangement of babysitter, au pair, and cleaning personnel
  • Common exploration of the neighbourhood
  • Spouse career assistance
  • Intercultural and language training
  • Facilitating social contacts with other residents of the same nationality
  • Assistance carrying out a favourite sport, hobby, or a skill *** Individual Customer Service & Relocation Service ***