By Your Side – Testimonials

Here are some of our customer feedbacks:

New Line Business Consulting Services

„For the past fourteen years I have conducted business in Germany, coming here at least five times a year. Sophie Josuttis has given me irreplaceable support that has provided the foundation for my trips to be both comfortable and extremely successful.”

James Steinitz, Montana,
Founder of New Line Business Consulting Services (based in Montana, USA)


Gordon Neufeld Ph.D. – Neufeld-Institut

„I want to express my deepest appreciation for all the effort you put into making last weekend work. The experience was a highlight for me. I am usually quite exhausted after such a course but I came home refreshed and revitalized. I felt very invited and well taken care of so that I was able to concentrate on the work I came here to do. The choice of lodging and surroundings was excellent and your facilitation superb. You handled everything with professionalism and sensitivity. This is a rare experience.”

I wish there was a Sophie like you in every place I visited.”

Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D.,
Bestselling author and international speaker (based in Vancouver, Canada)


Boyce Industries

„I had a relaxing, charming and educational day with Sophie Josuttis, who served as a tour guide on a day trip while I was travelling in Europe. She drove me to a beautiful Castle in Southern Germany while my husband was on business in Freiburg/Breisgau. I had no problem communicating anywhere, as Sophie spoke perfect English, and I did not have any worry about finding where I was going, understanding the exchange rate, or any other details . . . I sat back and relaxed while Sophie did the driving and gave commentary on what we were seeing in the countryside. At lunch time Sophie chose a quaint, authentic German restaurant and by the time that we arrived at the castle I was well fed, rested and ready for my personal tour of the historic grounds.

I would highly recommend her for her touring, linguistic and accommodating abilities. She knows her country well.”

Sue Billings, Chief Executive Officer of Boyce Industries
(based in Springfield, Missouri, USA)


Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

„I frequently travel overseas for conferences and summits, and I have been consistently frustrated that I spend so much of my free time researching and preparing the logistics for these trips that I am not able to enjoy my time away from work. A friend in London recommended By Your Side, and I contacted them the next day to inquire about accommodating my next business trip to Germany. I spoke with Sophie, who I immediately trusted as what I think of as a personal 5-star-concierge. She took care of all my needs very intuitively from arranging for a cell phone to the perfect restaurant to ensuring I had champagne in my suite.

If you ever go to Germany for business or pleasure, contact By Your Side, and they will take care of everything for you!”

Elisabeth Roberts, Designer (based in New York City, USA)
Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design *** Individual Customer Service & Relocation Service ***