This service is intended for those of your future employees wanting to get a better sense of the area before relocating. This may even be the key last step to decide whether or not to jump into a new period of their life.

Let us support this decision by introducing the new environment, showing the possibilities of a new living area, and conveying a positive attitude for the new surroundings.

The Information Tour includes:

  • A tour of the client´s destination city along with a guided walk through the downtown shopping and pedestrian zone
  • Information about the property market, including viewing various residential areas and possibly viewing properties/real estates (Information-Tour+)
  • Overview of the public transportation system, shopping possibilities, and the German traffic system
  • Information and possibly viewing of places of interest around the new destination area (Information-Tour+)
  • Overview of the social, cultural and entertainment facilities of the destination city
  • Information about the German education system and visits to pre-selected schools
    and/or kindergardens (Informations-Tour+)
  • Experience of the local cuisine at three different breakfast, lunch, and dinner locations (Informations-Tour+)
  • Facts about the health care system and insurance policies
  • An extensive information package *** Individual Customer Service & Relocation Service ***